Freeze-Proof Waterer
In addition to providing a year-round water source, the freeze-proof waterer is a simple common sense approach to providing livestock with a constant source of ice-free water during winter months. The freeze-proof waterer is suitable for spring development or pressure systems from well, cistern, pond or city water.

Technical Specifications:

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Provides Up to 100 Gallons of Ice-Free Water For Your Livestock
Our simple, energy efficient design ensures a free-flowing water supply at –20°F and requires almost no maintenance.

Operates Without Electricity, Keeping Your Operating Costs Down
An expensive heating system is not necessary because our waterer’s unique design utilizes the earth’s warmth and pressure from your water supply for all its energy needs.

Easy To Install And Transport
Our waterer can be transported easily in a 3/4 ton truck and installed with equipment found on most farms.

Preserves Your Ponds And Protects Your Livestock
Ponds stay clearer and free from erosion thus preventing the risk of contamination, disease or livestock breaking through the ice.
Durable, Dependable And Simple To Maintain
Our steel-reinforced precast concrete construction, combined with a simple valve and float system, ensures your livestock will receive an ample supply of ice-free water for years to come.

Low Water Usage
Water waste is minimal because our freeze-proof waterer requires only 4 to 6 gallons of water per hour for circulation. This decreases even more when livestock are watering.

Save Time, Effort And Helps Control Your Costs
With a single installation, our waterer can provide you with a year-round supply of clean, ice-free water. Its low-cost, low-maintenance design makes it the perfect common sense solution for your watering needs during any season.