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Dock Access

The Carr dock is located on the Ohio River at mile marker 166.25, on the left bank of the river, with convenient trucking access to Interstate 77 as well as local rail stations. We can also provide bulk hauling services.

Facilities include:

  • 50 ton crane on-site
  • Larger capacity cranes available
  • Conveyor system
  • Outdoor storage
  • Truck scale on-site

Box Lunch Program

  • Precast Concrete Solutions: Bridge Design #PSC07(a) 1.0 Learning Unit [HSW&SU]
  • Precast Concrete Preassembled Building #SPCPB 1.0 Learning Unit [HSW&SU]

Call for details to schedule a program.

Fulton Road Bridge
Cleveland, Ohio

Contractor: Kokosing Construction Company, Inc / Fru-Con Construction Corporation

Precast post-tensioned arch segments used in the replacement of the historic Fulton Road Bridge. Project design utilizing three arch segments forming one complete arch with four arches per span, to a total of 72 pieces. Pieces weighed approximately 75 tons.

US Army Corps of Engineers

Marmet Locks & Dam, Kanawha River, WV
Contractor: Kokosing Construction Company, Inc.

Multi-year project to replace a lock and dam. Consisting of a three story precast architectural operations building, two precast concrete hydraulic buildings and 24 precast post-tensioned guide wall beams, each weighing 500 tons.

Camden Clark Memorial Hospital
Parkersburg, WV

Contractor: Brown's Excavating

Precast box culvert sections used beneath a parking area as a drainage/retention solution.

Shoemaker Coal Mine,
Dallas, Marshall County, WV

Contractor: Lincoln Contracting & Equipment Company, Inc.

Seventeen box culverts were post-tensioned together to create an escape. After the box culverts were set in place they were back filled. An additional 39 pieces were post-tensioned together for a conveyor tunnel.